A Multi-Session is an extremely rare type of session that occurs. A Multi-Session does not necessarily end in failure, but they usually do.

Any Multi-Session has the distinct feature of having more than one session within it. While a normal session has a group of players going into the medium to work towards the same victory on the same Skaia, a Multi-Session has many different groups of players going to different sessions but they originate from the same host planet. Ignoring that a Multi-Session is functionally the same with two more exceptions.

Hard Mode Edit

One of the oldest rules that any session must have is that Derse must always emerge victorious over Prospit. A Multi-Session is the only place where this can not occur. If a group of players move against the armies of Derse early and kill both the Black King and Queen, a very special mode will be activated that is only known as, Hard Mode.

Hard Mode is activated immediately after the premature death of the Black King and Queen. Upon their death, the Kings Scepter and the Queens Ring both combine with each other to create a golden portal. From the golden portal the Golden Carapacians emerge into the session. They consist of a King, Queen, Knight, Rook, Bishop, and a Pawn all bright gold in color. Immediately after their arrival, the Knight, Rook, and Bishop teleport to the host planet as the King and Queen destroy whatever Prospit and Derse forces remain on Skaia. The Knight, Rook, and Bishop prototype the King and Queen with personal kernelsprites to make them an even greater challenge to the players. After the prototyping is completed, the Knight, Rook, and Bishop return to Skaia. The King and Queen create a timer that ends after 72 hours have passed. The King decalres that the players have 72 hours to defeat all of the Golden Carapacians or the king and queen will destroy the session that they reside in. If the players can defeat all of the Golden Carapacians, they would be victorous over their sesion and the bodies of the Golden Carapacians combine to form the frog universe that would become the players reward.

Raids Edit

On a random and obscure meteor in the veil is a machine with a giant monitor on it. The machine has three buttons, one red, one yellow, and one green. The green button has the monitor view different sessions within the Multi-Session with the exception of the viewers session. The yellow button summons the other players in the viewers session to the meteor regardless of what they are doing. The red button will begin a raid of another session in the Multi-Session. The goal of the raid is to destroy the players of the other session. Upon their deaths an insane amount of grists and boondollars are given to the players of the victorious session.

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